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GOLD Plus HYBRID SP 0W-20 ILSAC GF-6A 100% Synthetic

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RACING MOTOR OIL SN 10W-50 100% Synthetic

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RACING MOTOR OIL SN 10W-60 100% Synthetic

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MITASU RACING MOTOR OIL SN 10W-60 100% Synthetic is manufactured from Esters and PAO Group IV base stock, combined with unique system of enhancing additives of the latest API (American Petroleum Institute) service standard – SN. Designed to work in critical operating conditions.


MITASU RACING MOTOR OIL SN 10W-60 100% Synthetic is specifically designed for use in highly accelerated sports and racing cars with naturally aspirated and supercharged engines, including those working on the enriched fuel mixtures, equipped with anti-lag systems (ALS) or other design features that increase the level of thermal stress.




With high viscosity index and low oil consumption, all-seasons fully synthetic Ester motor oil MITASU RACING MOTOR OIL SN 10W-60 100% Synthetic provides:

∙ Stable performance over a wide range of temperatures due to the use of Esters and PAO-based oils
∙ Outstanding engine protection under extreme operating conditions, including racing and competition
∙ Maintenance of optimal oil pressure regardless of engines operating temperature
∙ Exceptional oil film strength
∙ Excellent anti-oxidation properties
∙ Superior mechanical stability and resistance to the degradation effects of heat

The latest technologies of MITASU OIL CORPORATION, Japan enable MITASU RACING MOTOR OIL SN 10W-60 100% Synthetic to meet and exceed the requirements of the following Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM): TOYOTA, LEXUS, NISSAN, MAZDA, MITSUBISHI, HONDA, SUZUKI, SUBARU, DAIHATSU, FORD, AUDI, BMW, MB and many others.

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1L, 20L, 4L


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